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This offering is not currently accepting investments.

NewsBeat Social has been conducting a pioneering form of an IPO, and the process is taking longer than the Company initially thought to complete at the scale the Company believes its investors deserve. Therefore, NewsBeat Social has allowed its current offering effort to expire and is returning all money thus far received, and will be re-launching its offering effort in the coming months. The Company’s business continues to grow, and the Company looks forward to bringing its exciting story, with the latest updates, back to investors for their consideration in the near future.

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Investor Materials


Dated July 14, 2016


Dated July 12, 2016

*Documents filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

Price & Offering Terms


$5.00 / Share


200,000 / Min

10,000,000 / Max

General Subscription
Period Begins

July 17, 2016

Listing Symbol


This IPO expired on October 9, 2016. All funds submitted by investors prior to that date will be returned promptly.
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NewsBeat Social, Inc. (“NBS” or “the Company”) is a video-first news agency, gathering news coverage from around the world and distributing one-minute, fact-intensive news reports across social media. NBS was formed in April 2012 and began operations on February 8, 2013. Since inception, the Company’s business has expanded significantly, and it has gathered and distributed a total of 30,000 news reports, reaching viewers in 236 countries and territories around the world. Today, NBS has 30 full-time employees who gather and distribute over 50 news reports a day.

Since 2014, Facebook users have been presented with NBS news videos over 8.1 billion times, resulting in 403 million video “views” (lasting 3 seconds or more) in 2015 (up 458% from the previous year) and a Facebook fan base of approximately 2.8 million people as of the end of 2015 (up 27% from the previous year-end). From December 2014 to December 2015, the size of the Company’s Facebook audience (i.e., the number of discrete individual user accounts given the opportunity to watch its news reports) increased 64%, to approximately 59 million a month. From 2014 to 2015, the engagement rate of the Company’s Facebook audience (i.e., the percentage of such user accounts who view its news reports and “like”, comment on or share them, expressed as an average of the 12 monthly engagement rate averages in a year) increased 87%, to 15% of its audience. NBS has been able to achieve this growth in audience and engagement rate while keeping news gathering and distribution costs below $100 per news report.


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