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Nov 16th, 2017


*Documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PogoTec seeks to transform the way consumers capture and share images and videos from their surroundings, by innovating interactive, sophisticated and accessible technology solutions that unobtrusively enhance consumers’ daily lives. As the smartphone and the selfie camera innovated photography, its first product, PogoCam, offers a new medium of photography with unique technological and design advantages. PogoCam is an ultra-compact, wearable camera that allows users to capture photos and high definition (HD) video with audio from their point of view without having to fumble for a phone or wear large, unsightly cameras attached to equally unsightly headgear. PogoCam allows consumers to experience the moment instead of missing out by staring at their screens.

PogoCam is always at the ready when a consumer wants to use it, but can be easily detached and stored for times when a camera is not needed or appropriate. PogoCam is attachable to virtually all eyewear via PogoLoop or PogoTrack accessories. Unlike other wearable cameras, PogoTec’s product is designed to maintain personal preferences, allowing a consumer to choose virtually any fashion of eyewear that suits their own particular style. As such, PogoCam is well positioned to compete in today’s red-hot image capture market. InfoTrends estimates that 1.2 trillion digital photos will be taken worldwide in 2017, which is 100 billion more photos than were taken in 2016.

PogoTec believes that through this unique form of self-capture, point-of- view imagery, it will create an engaged and enthusiastic user base that will be interested in its future products. Even though PogoCam has not been released yet, as of November 1, 2017, the product has already garnered interest from over 212,000 organic followers on its social network pages and email database. PogoTec has committed and continues to commit substantial resources to research, develop and protect the intellectual property its innovations. Future product focus is with augmented reality applications and wireless power applications. PogoTec has been granted two utility patents in the United States, four utility patents in Taiwan, and 14 design patents in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, European Union, and Japan. The Company has numerous other patent applications on file in the U.S. and around the world.

PogoCam has already received positive industry recognition. It won first place in the wearables categoryin the IHS Markit Innovation Awards at CES 2017 and was the subject of the 2017 Gold Stevie award for New Product or Service Introduction of the Year. PogoCam was featured on the NBC Today Show and recognized as one of five technology products to follow in 2017, and has been mentioned in articles appearing in dozens of global media publications. The Company anticipates launching PogoCam in the fourth quarter of 2017. As this will be the launch of its first product, they have not generated any revenue to date. At launch, they plan to sell PogoCam through its ecommerce site, on the world’s largest online retailer’s site and at traditional brick and mortar retail locations in the U.S. In 2018, they anticipate PogoCam will also be sold in Europe through its ecommerce site and retail locations and through in China.


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